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Xtenit Platform for Publishers

The one platform publishers need to lower operational costs, build audiences, and increase revenue. Use the Xtenit Platform for all your online publishing requirements.

Online publishers see more revenue opportunities when using Xtenit. Without being stifled by technical limitations, publishers can focus on publishing and take advantage of all the Xtenit features for improving subscriber value and better monetizing subscriber relationships.

One solution eliminates the need to piece together services from multiple vendors. Enjoy the benefits of having one publishing solution or use just the features you need. If you need to integrate, read more about our APIs and integration features. Even if you are satisfied with your current content management system, you can still take advantage of our feature rich email publishing system and other components.

How to Optimize Emails and Newsletters for Mobile

The steps for creating a mobile adaptive email are easy. If you have control of your email formats, you can make the simple adjustments.Read more »

Using Email to Build Audience and Generate Revenue

Your content maybe your best asset, but without effective email delivery channels you are probably missing opportunities to monetize it. Here are a few tips to help you better utilize your content and newsletters to generate more revenue.Read more »

How does your ad supported business model compare?

Here are some things to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your ad supported business model.Read more »

Ideas to Increase Online Ad Revenues

Looking for ideas to increase online ad revenues? Here is a short checklist of revenue boosters to consider.Read more »

Is Targeted Advertising Right for Your Publication?

If you have advertisers that value some segments of your audience more than others, or want to vary their message across segments, utilizing targeted advertising may make sense. Here is a short review of advertising decision dynamics to help better devise and evaluate targeted advertising strategies.Read more »

Shanghai Business Review Uses the Xtenit Publishing Platform to Enhance Online Services

Xtenit, a leading provider of web, email, and ad management services in the cloud, announced today that Shanghai Business Review, a leading English language business website and magazine for managers at international companies operating in China, has moved their email delivery and website content management to the Xtenit Platform.Read more »

Group Publisher Rolls Out the Xtenit Publishing Platform to 50+ Publications

Group publisher Stephens Media is using Xtenit's publishing platform to provide email newsletter and news alert services for their publications.Read more »

Xtenit Teams with Akamai to Offer Customers an Integrated Content Delivery Network

Xtenit has teameded with Akamai Technologies, the leading provider of cloud optimization services, to power Xtenit's content delivery services for accelerated file delivery and streaming media.Read more »

Publisher Utilizes the Xtenit Content Management System to Extend Newsletters and Increase Profitability

Xtenit a leading provider of web, email, and ad management services in the cloud, announced today that Shelf Awareness, a successful, online only, B2B publisher in the book trade sector, has re-launched their website using the Xtenit content management product.Read more »

Large Specialty Publisher

A large specialty publisher needed an email delivery solution that can support automated newsletters and alerts as well as standalone promotional emails.Read more »

Regional Newspaper

A regional newspaper wanted to deliver email alerts and customized newsletters to subscribers. They needed a solution that is easy to manage and flexible for subscribers so it could adapt to individual information requirements.Read more »

Large Non-profit

A large non-profit with several online departmental publications wanted to maintain uniform and consistent look across email and web and also to have a unified database of subscribers.Read more »

Newsletter Publisher

A publisher of a popular daily trade newsletter and several specialty newsletters wanted to publish directly to email and leverage content on the website to attract new subscribers. Also, this publisher's business model is advertising centric so they needed to be able to manage and target ad products both in email and on the web.Read more »

Group Publisher

A group publisher, with several online B2B trade publications, wanted to streamline production and increase online ad revenues.Read more »