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More Mobile Phone Users Read Email Newsletters on a Smartphone

Email is further driving traffic to the mobile web with email and newsletter click through from mobile phones. This is a growing trend as smartphones become dominant. A recent study by indicates that 50% of mobile phone users in the US have smartphones (up from 40% just 6 months earlier). A survey by Pew Research reveals that 76% of smartphone users in the US read email on their phones and another study also by Pew Research indicates that 90% of college educated individuals or those earning more than 50k per year have cell phones. This means that publishers can expect that on average 38% of their audience with mobile phones (34% overall) will be reading emails and newsletters on smartphones. For publishers with professional business or higher net wealth audiences this percent could be significantly higher. A recent study by Comscore provides a global comparison of email usage for all mobile phones and confirms that 40% of US mobile phone users are reading email on their mobile devices. Interestingly nearly 60% of Japanese mobile users read their email on a mobile device.

November 2011

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