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Using Email to Build Audience and Generate Revenue

Your content is your best asset, but without effective email delivery channels you maybe missing opportunities to monetize it. Here are a few tips to help you better utilize your content and newsletters to generate more revenue.

  • Combine targeted and user selected content. Our studies show that when subscribers select content and can customize the content they receive in an alert or newsletter, interaction rates increase.
  • Use targeted embedded marketing messages and ads in your newsletters.   Including marketing messages and ads along side and embedded with your content is the time tested best way to get your subscribers to take action and create value for advertisers.    Targeting variations of those marketing messages and ads to different newsletter segments will increase relevancy and success rates.
  • Within a newsletter provide options for sharing and Forward-to-a-Friend for individual articles or messages to maximize share rates and relevancy. Sharing is great way to bring new subscribers to your site. So make in easier for subscribers to share and promote exactly the specific content they want to.
  • Track and report separately on editorial and advertising/marketing messages within a newsletter. Editors and publishers need to know what content is getting the most interaction. Ad sales reps need to understand ad effectiveness. Separating reporting between ad and editorial facilitates more effective reporting to those groups.
  • Register-to-view options can be your number one generator of new email addresses. Make it easy for your registered subscribers to cruise your site while getting new site viewers to sign-up.  Auto login and identification directly from newsletter links assure that subscribers seamlessly go from newsletter to full website interaction.

Contact us with specifics of your publications and we will help you formulate new ideas for utilizing your content to build audience and better engage your newsletter subscribers.

With the Xtenit platform you can let subscribers customize the content they receive, target editorial content versions based on profiles and demographics, and target marketing messages and ads all in the same newsletter.

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