Publisher Utilizes the Xtenit Content Management System to Extend Newsletters and Increase Profitability


New York, November 30, 2010 — Xtenit a leading provider of web, email, and ad management services in the cloud, announced today that Shelf Awareness, a successful, online only, B2B publisher in the book trade sector, has re-launched their website using the Xtenit web content management system.

Xtenit provides an unique services platform for publishers that combines web content management, email publishing and ad serving. By tightly integrating the core services that publishers need to manage their online presence, Xtenit provides additional value and can more effectively meet the varied requirements of publishers.

Shelf Awareness publishes several e-mail newsletters. They wanted their new website to keep subscriber experiences centered around the newsletters, while managing the articles that compose the newsletters separately for tracking, reporting, and search optimization purposes. The Xtenit product was able to recognize each newsletter as a collection of content items and customize it differently for email, web, and mobile delivery.

“We needed a content management solution that would fit our publishing model and advertising requirements. The Xtenit product delivered exactly what we needed and made it almost effortless for us to go from design concept to implementation.” said Jenn Risko Publisher and Co-founder of Shelf Awareness. Jenn Risko further added, “Xtenit has had a very positive impact on our success and profitability. They have removed us from the technology infrastructure and support costs that have crippled our competitors.”

“Shelf Awareness serves their subscribers well and provides excellent value to their advertisers. We look forward to working with them as they add new newsletters and extend their success into other markets.“ said Brian McFadden CEO of Xtenit.

About Xtenit

Xtenit a leading provider of web, email, and ad management services in the cloud, helps top­ tier publishing and media companies increase subscriber value and generate more revenue. Please visit our website for additional information.

About Shelf Awareness

Shelf Awareness was born out of a need to provide a range of people in the book trade industry with essential information for their businesses, including news about titles coming out now, titles getting buzz in the media, authors on major shows, movie tie-ins, sleepers, news about the business, tips on how to sell, etc. Visit the Shelf Awareness website to see their publications.

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