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Shanghai Business Review Uses the Xtenit Publishing Platform to Enhance Online Services

Xtenit, a leading provider of web, email, and ad management services in the cloud, announced today that Shanghai Business Review, a leading English language business website and magazine for managers at international companies operating in China, has moved their email delivery and website content management to the Xtenit Platform.» Read more

Group Publisher Rolls Out the Xtenit Publishing Platform to 50+ Publications

Group publisher Stephens Media is using Xtenit's publishing platform to provide email newsletter and news alert services for their publications.» Read more

How to Optimize Emails and Newsletters for Mobile

The steps for creating a mobile adaptive email are easy. If you have control of your email formats, you can make the simple adjustments.» Read more

Using Email to Build Audience and Generate Revenue

Your content maybe your best asset, but without effective email delivery channels you are probably missing opportunities to monetize it. Here are a few tips to help you better utilize your content and newsletters to generate more revenue.» Read more

Issue Centric Publishing - What Is It and Who Needs It

Are issues and editions just for print? Many non-print publishers find the issue concept to be an attractive way to organize, present, and deliver content.  Publishing to an issue also fits well with traditional work flows and subscriber expectations.

» Read more

Xtenit Teams with Akamai to Offer Customers an Integrated Content Delivery Network

Xtenit has teameded with Akamai Technologies, the leading provider of cloud optimization services, to power Xtenit's content delivery services for accelerated file delivery and streaming media.» Read more

Publisher Utilizes the Xtenit Content Management System to Extend Newsletters and Increase Profitability

Xtenit a leading provider of web, email, and ad management services in the cloud, announced today that Shelf Awareness, a successful, online only, B2B publisher in the book trade sector, has re-launched their website using the Xtenit content management product.» Read more

How does your ad supported business model compare?

Here are some things to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your ad supported business model.» Read more

Share This Links for Each Newsletter Article and Item

Recently email newsletter experts have been recommending that Email Service Providers offer per article share-this links in newsletters. We are happy to say that Xtenit has always had per article/item sharing features. All clicks on article share-this links in the email are recorded and tracked for analysis and reporting. Action triggers and activity targeted mailings also work with share-this clicks.

The share-this link option is flexible and can be used with any social media site, book marking service, or any other site that accepts URL posting.» Read more

Ideas to Increase Online Ad Revenues

Looking for ideas to increase online ad revenues? Here is a short checklist of revenue boosters to consider.» Read more

Is Targeted Advertising Right for Your Publication?

If you have advertisers that value some segments of your audience more than others, or want to vary their message across segments, utilizing targeted advertising may make sense. Here is a short review of advertising decision dynamics to help better devise and evaluate targeted advertising strategies.» Read more

What paywall or pay model is best?

There are good reasons for choosing one approach over the other, but regardless of the option you choose, make sure you have the right tools to get the most from your revenue model. » Read more