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Large Non-profit

A large non-profit has several newsletter publications and websites each run and maintained by a separate department. The individual publications provide a valuable service to the membership and help to build relationships with new participants. The institution wants to maintain uniform and consistent look across all newsletters and communications and also to have a unified database of subscribers. It is also desired for each dept to maintain its own independence and identity.

The Institution looked at some popular email marketing products and several content management systems but the popular email marketing products did not meet there goals of unified database with department independence and were difficult to customize with communications objectives. Further no combination of email marketing and web content management solution really worked well together.

The Xtenit Platform provided an ideal solution for centrally managing multiple newsletters and micro sites for each department. A set of email templates that adhered to branding and design guidelines were set up for the publications to select from. Each department had the flexibility to configure content meta tagging and marketing message placements for each newsletter and on the micro sites. A unified database across all publications allowed for better tracking and reporting of subscribers and allowed for cross marketing opportunities that helped boost participation.

One key factor in selecting Xtenit was the value offered. The institution did not have a large budget but did not want to sacrifice quality. Xtenit was able to offer a easy to setup and  has been easy to maintain solution that exceeded requirements at a fraction of the cost presented by alternatives.

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