Group Publisher

A group B2B publisher, with several online trade publications, wanted to streamline production and increase online ad revenues. Each publication had multiple newsletters and websites that needs to be managed. The publisher was using a web content management system that combined together third party components for newsletter delivery and ad serving. The integration was cumbersome and made it difficult for the publisher to get email, web, and mobile to work together. Editors were spending extra time publishing separately to each medium.  It was also difficult to roll out new publications, micro sites, or special issues. Subscribers who were looking to the newsletters for updates were not getting all the content and had no control over delivery. Ad revenue from the newsletters was nonexistent and dismal on the website. It was also difficult to demographically target internal cross promotional and marketing messages on the website. The awkward integration prevented the publisher from providing the best experience to subscribers or offering the best value for advertisers. Further the publisher needed a web content management solution that could adapt to changing trends in social media and better engage their subscribers.

The publisher looked at variety of alternative proprietary and open source solutions for web content management.  However, each was expensive to implement and maintain, and none met all the requirements. Xtenit met the requirements and provided an integrated web content management, newsletter delivery and ad serving platform. Further, the transition was quick and painless and the publisher saw considerable savings with a significantly lower total cost of operation.

Revenues were up significantly as well. With the Xtenit Platform the publisher was able offer a more flexible newsletter. As a result the newsletters went from marketing promos for the websites to a genuine content delivery channel. This increased subscriber interaction and participation and a had direct impact on ad revenue from the newsletters. Website visits also increased and the publisher was able to offer new ad programs and lead generation services to advertisers.

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