Membership Organizations

The Xtenit Platform provides turn-key solutions for associations, trade groups, and other membership organizations with the need for member and content centric communications.   All the features needed to more effectively communicate to the public, increase membership value, and manage revenue generation, are included.   Xtenit streamlines work flow to minimize effort for managing membership, newsletters, paid content, directories, events, and marketing.  No need to spend precious resources dealing with a mishmash of technology from different vendors.  Xtenit will provide a superior single platform solution with more features at a lower cost than can be found in any alternative. 

Organizations improve member value and participation by allowing members to customize email communication options to get just the types of content they want.  They restrict web access to selected content while allowing full search engine access to generate leads and increase registrations.   Using Xtenit, they manage all content assets for web and email from one place, thereby greatly streamlining and automating content management efforts.  Organizations further increase the effectiveness of marketing and promotions with embedded marketing targeted to members and non-members both on the web and in email newsletters. 

Streamline revenue generating operations with a payments system that is an intrinsic part of member management as well as communications.  The Xtenit Platform also makes it easier to offer premium content for members or offer premium memberships.   Highly flexible revenue options for directory listings, paid membership levels, and paid content options are easy to devise.

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