Publishers get more value from their online publications with the Xtenit Platform.  There is no need to struggle with multiple technologies and vendors for email, content management, and ad serving.  Xtenit's one unified solution approach provides synergies to lower operational costs, build audience value, and increase revenues.

Efficient work flows allow editorial, ad sales, marketing, creative, and audience development to focus on core goals without operational distractions. Advanced features for managing content, subscribers, and email communications let publishers more effectively grow audience, build loyalty, and increase value to both subscribers and advertisers.

Online publishers see more revenue opportunities when using Xtenit. For advertising-supported publications, Xtenit's ad placement management  provides publishers with more product and value to offer advertisers. For paid content and e-commerce, Xtenit supports paid access, pay to place, paid downloads, paid events, and multiple paid subscription models to provide publishers with more revenue options.

The Xtenit Platform eliminates the need to piece together services from multiple vendors. Enjoy the benefits of having one publishing solution or use just the features you need. If you need to integrate, read more about our APIs and integration features. Even if you are satisfied with your current content management system, you can still take advantage of our feature rich email publishing system and other components.

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