Xtenit provides an unique services platform for content centric applications requiring interactive websites, customized email solutions, paid content, and restricted access. Applications running on the Xtenit Platform do not require expensive customization, mystery plug-ins, or complicated integrations. Xtenit users deploy sophisticated online applications more quickly and cost effectively, and they do so without compromising functionality.

Applications with more detailed and specialized content distribution requirements will especially benefit from the Xtenit Platform. Unique features provide better ways to distribute both content and marketing messages on the web, mobile, email, and social.  Use subscriber preferences, activity, and profiles to effectively deliver the right messages to the right recipients.

The Xtenit Platform is highly scalable and will automatically adapt to your growing needs. Whether you are an individual blogger looking to better monetize your publication, or a large group publisher who wants to more effectively manage web content and email communications across multiple publications, Xtenit has the solution for you.

With the Xtenit Platform there is no expensive software to install and manage, no fancy server setups required, and no complex middleware to worry about. All of the services are accessible via your web browser. This makes the Xtenit Platform highly cost effective. Add the unique features to benefit administrators, subscribers, and advertisers, and you have an ROI that cannot be beat by any alternative.

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