Custom Publishing

Custom Publishing Overview

Publishers looking to leverage their content and editorial expertise can utilize the Xtenit Platform to offer innovative turn-key custom publishing solutions for brands, associations, and other groups. Our solutions seamlessly integrate mobile, web, email, and social, while optimizing brand ROI from content marketing. This unified approach provides greater flexibility and efficiency than alternative solutions, and lets publishers stay focused on core business objectives.

Expand Partnership Opportunities

Technology-related cost, delay, and risks factors typically kill most custom publishing partnership ideas before they even reach a discussion stage. With Xtenit, these factors are eliminated and new partnership ideas can bloom.

Publishers who use Xtenit to offer a content plus technology combined solution can greatly expand the set of available custom publishing opportunities. With Xtenit, publishers can easily create and replicate turn-key custom publishing solutions that re-purpose content and leverage editorial and domain expertise. A base platform makes it also easy to manage multiple setups and partnerships. This lets publishers offer more value to partners, effectively reach new markets, and increase operational efficiency.

Solutions and Case Studies

Replicated Solutions - Xtenit provides a scalable solution for replicating and managing a single custom publishing setup across many brand partners. This allows publishers to partner with many similar brands that otherwise would not be profitable individually. For example, target brands could be accounting firms, law firms, other service groups, similar shops and stores, or franchisees. Since the solution is scalable, the publisher's operational efforts will be the same regardless of the number of brands. Brands can have a customized console to manage their own parameters and optionally add or approve content.

Issue Centric Publications – Prospective brand partners like retail stores, consumer products, and membership organizations have large customer or membership lists that they would like to reach more frequently. A content rich issue centric theme based newsletter with website is an ideal way for these brands to better reach their audiences and achieve their content marketing goals. Since these brands typically lack both the quality editorial content and the technology to deliver this type of solution, publishers that can serve both needs have an advantage. Issue centric custom publishing solutions are an integral part of the Xtenit platform.

Innovative Solutions for Big Market Brands – Brainstorm with brands and discuss bold and innovative new ideas without implementation limits. Publishers using Xtenit have the platform needed to quickly deliver scalable custom publishing solutions and meet the stringent demands of large market brands. Utilize mobile, web, email, and social for highly effective content centric marketing solutions.

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