Xtenit Expands E-Commerce Management Dashboard with New Features

Xtenit, a leading provider of cloud based web, email, mobile, and e-commerce solutions for publishers, announced today that it has launched a new version of the E-Commerce Management Dashboard, a reporting, analytics, and campaign targeting feature of the Xtenit Platform. This latest version of E-Commerce Management Dashboard provides additional capabilities for reporting and analysis of sales transactions combined with more options for automated recommendations and targeted campaigns.

The prior launch of Xtenit E-Commerce Solutions provided publishers and media companies with additional direct payment business models that are flexible and easy to deploy. These include payments for user-generated content, classifieds, and other paid posts, paid content access, paid events and paid subscriptions. With the new version of E-Commerce Management Dashboard, end users have greater insights into sales activities, and can more effectively manage customer relationships and generate sales opportunities.

“The ability to trigger targeted campaigns and recommendations based on purchases as well as profile attributes provides a powerful way to engage customers and encourage additional sales.” says Paulo Bongato, Product Manager of Xtenit. “The new features and reporting options in the E-Commerce Management Dashboard allow publishers to deep dive into customer purchasing patterns, helping them to identify and more effectively target cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.”

The E-Commerce Management Dashboard supports customized views and analysis of sales activities across user profiles and product data. It also facilitates quick set up of targeted email campaigns, automated triggers, and recommendations about products relevant to the user's interest and purchase history. It is part of all Xtenit E-Commerce solutions including Paid Content, Paid Subscriptions, Pay to Place, and Paid Events.

Xtenit E-Commerce Solutions work with popular payment processing gateways. The E-Commerce Management Dashboard can also be integrated with external payments systems.

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