How does your ad supported business model compare?

Is your online ad model the best it can be? Here are some things to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your ad supported business model.

  • Can you monetize your email newsletters and alerts? Ad revenues from emails with editorial content can be significant, and for many publishers email ad revenue will always dwarfs ad revenue from the web. However too many publishers overlook the ad revenue opportunities from newsletters simply because their email delivery technologies do not facilitate ad placement into emails.

  • Do you have the ability to target ads? Almost any publisher will benefit from ad targeting.  Even if only used for internal marketing messages, like cross promotional signups, there can be significant gains from ad targeting.

  • Are you providing a wide a variety of ad placement products?  The more product your ad sales team can provide to potential advertisers, the more likely there will be a match with advertiser requirements. Why let your technology solution limit your ability to better serve your advertisers. Be innovative and create the products and campaign options that your advertisers need.

  • Are you fully engaging your audience? Obviously, the more engaged your audience the more value to your advertisers. Having the right tools to effectively deliver your content to your subscribers and to keep them informed, educated or entertained is key to building a highly-engaged audience.  Many publishers let their technology choices limit their ability to best engage there subscribers.

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