Ideas to Increase Online Ad Revenues

Looking for ideas to increase online ad revenues?  Here is a short checklist of revenue boosters to consider.

  • Register-to-View - Register-to-view options can be your number one generator of new email addresses.

  • Expand Products for Advertisers - Embedded and targeted advertising in email newsletters and on the website provide expanded ad placement options and additional product to offer advertisers.

  • New and Revamped newsletters - Re-engage subscribers with new and improved newsletters. Old strategies may not be working. So consider current best practices with more subscriber control of what they receive to increase interaction rates and value to your advertisers.

  • Additional Ad placements in newsletters - Newsletters are an often overlooked source of ad revenue. Having the right ad management solution is essential to effectively placing and targeting ads with in your newsletters.

  • Targeted Ad Placements - Including marketing messages and ads along side and embedded with your content is the time tested best way to get your subscribers to take action and create value for advertisers. Targeting variations of those marketing messages and ads to different newsletter segments provides an increase relevancy and success that advertisers will pay a premium for.

  • Lead generation - Register to view select articles or download special reports is great way to get new leads for your advertisers and sponsors.

  • Ad Sales training - Effective execution of your online ad strategies requires that your ad sales people fully understand the online medium, the ad products to be offered, and how to best position those products to advertisers.

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